Axel Einar Hjorth Extensible Dining Table.

Ref: GA020045

Extensible dining table designed by Axel Einar Hjorth in Elm wood and dyed Elm wood details, with two birch extensions. Produced in 1938 by Nordiska Kompaniet, tagged NK R 40001 – C8 9 38. Sweden, final 1930’s

Axel Einar Hjorth was a swedish architect and designer who stood up during the first escandianvian modern by combining modernism and Art Decó principles. His emphasis in minimalism and functionality reminds of currents such as De Stijl. Hjorth’s designs had been undercover during decades though nowadays his work have been put into value being considered pioneer of modern designs popularized by Perriand, Jean Royére, Josef Frank.. amog others.

Dimensions (aproximate)

Length  63 in, Width  35 in,  Height 29,5 in

It includes two extensible wings of 19,7 in each, total Lenght: 103 in

Price on demand.

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